Bigg Boss: Day 30- New luxury budget task strengthens enmity between Kishwer, Mandana

New luxury budget task creates more chaos inside the house.

Bigg Boss: Day 30- New luxury budget task strengthens enmity between Kishwer, Mandana
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

Mumbai: Bigg Boss assigned a new task named Highway for this week’s luxury budget.

One of the members from each of the teams had to ride a mobile rickshaw. Members of the other team had to make the opponents on board the rickshaw to get off.

Who was in which team?

Team A- Mandana, Aman, Rishabh, Rochelle and Digangana were part of the second team.

Team B- Prince, Kishwer, Suyyash, Puneet and Rimi were part of the first team.

What happened during the task?

Aman broke an umbrella while trying to stop Prince from peddling the rickshaw away.

Rishabh was called to the confession room and told by Bigg Boss to not damage property given to perform the task.

The deal was to travel across the four zones of India and perform activities after reaching each of the destinations.

Activity round- Rimi and Digangana were the sanchalak for their teams.

Team B arrived in Kochi.

The activity- The members of each of the teams had to pass on raw fish with their mouths without using their hands. Team A won and as a result had the chance to remove one person from Team B. Aman announced the name of Prince which meant he was out of the task.

The task turned out to be ugly, as the players broke rules, turned violent and wild while executing the same.

Mandana was upset with Prince as he took of her belongings and gave it to his team members.

Activity Two after reaching Surat –

Each of the teams had to eat as many dhoklas as possible. Suyyash and Mandana contested from Team B and Team A respectively. Team B won the task.

Puneet got disqualified from Team B as he did not board the rickshaw immediately after completing the Surat task.

Activity 3 in Jalandhar

Team B had one contestant – Suyyash and Team A had two- Aman and Rishabh. Team B won.

Mandana and Rochelle felt that Digangana didn’t do justice to the team. Aman too wanted Digangana to be stronger.

Team B reached their final destination with three members. 

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