Bigg Boss, Day 38: Mandana sent to secret room; Rimi’s strategy gets revealed

Bigg Boss had surprises in abundance – both for the contestants and the audiences.

Bigg Boss, Day 38: Mandana sent to secret room; Rimi’s strategy gets revealed

Mumbai: Bigg Boss asked Sanchalak Rimi to name the contestant whose performance was the poorest in the ‘Shararti Bachche’ task. The actress, who had no choice but to give her verdict in the confession room, named Mandana  – 1) for not participating in the task on the first day and 2) for failing to complete the task on the second day.

Bigg Boss punished Mandana by asking her to leave the house. The other contestants including Mandana were taken aback.

The inmates started weeping profusely. They hugged her, didn’t want to let her go.

She had to exit the house.


But…Bigg Boss had a huge surprise in store for the Iranian beauty.

Mandana was sent to an isolated room (a secret room) equipped with TV sets to see what the inmates feel about her. She was entrusted with the authority to nominate two people after monitoring them.

But here’s another twist in the tale. Bigg Boss informed the rest of the inmates about Mandana’s presence in the secret room.

A red light was installed in the house to alert the inmates that Mandana would be watching them and listening to their conversations. They were asked to speak against Mandana and the two people who she would nominate would actually be safe from the eviction.

Mandana got upset on seeing Rochelle speak against her. But actually Rochelle was just following the orders of Bigg Boss.

Kishwer too purposely spoke against Mandana so that she could save herself from eviction.

But the striking moment of the episode was when Rimi expressed her desire to make more money and fatten her bank balance by hanging out in the house for a few more days. The other inmates for the first time looked disillusioned with her and her strategy.

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