Bristol to get ‘sexy` for DWTS on TV

Washington: Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is all set to step out of her comfort zone, as she promises to be ‘sexy’ for ‘Dancing With the Stars’ next week.

"I``m definitely nervous for next week, because I have to be sexy in the dance and I have to find the sexy in me," People mag quoted her as saying backstage after the DWTS elimination show.

The teen mom, 19, who says she doesn``t weigh herself and doesn``t notice any changes in her body except for toned legs since joining DWTS, will sacrifice any physical insecurities for the sake of staying on the show.

"We`re doing the sexy dance next week, and I have to get into character," she says.

"Dressing sexy will help me get into character more. Next week, I`ll be dressing sexy. This is it," she added.


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