Cheryl accused of miming during TV concert

Los Angeles: Cheryl Cole was left humiliated on live TV show when a technical glitch forced her to whisper her way through her hit "Call My Name". The singer, however, says she was not upset with the tech-issue.

While performing at the Stand-Up-To-Cancer-Channel-4-charity-show Saturday, the singer`s microphone appeared to fail at the start of her performance. As a result, the TV audience could just hear her voice faintly singing along to a musical backing track, reports

But some viewers have suggested Cheryl was actually miming to a pre-recorded vocal track that technicians forgot to switch on.

However, the singer bravely carried on until the glitch was fixed and her voice returned midway through the second chorus.

Later she tweeted and blamed "tec issues" for her bizarre whispering rendition.

She wrote: "I really don`t feel upset about the tec issues during my performance and chat... I just hope every1 commenting on it has done their part 4 the cause."