Corny nights with Kapil Sharma

Mumbai: ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ started with a big bang. Though it was not everyone’s cup of tea, it had huge mass appeal like a Rohit Shetty film, and it quickly found a loyal audience. It was new (from the saas-bahu sagas) and different. The hungry primetime family audiences lapped it up.

Everyone needs a good laugh at the end of the day, and the Hindi audiences wanted their own Comedy Central. Enter Kapil Sharma. And he delivered. Nothing grabs the viewer’s attention like Bollywood. With top actors as celebrity guests, the show quickly climbed to No 1 position. It all seemed too good. It was. A few episodes later, the show is losing its spark. Here’s what is wrong...

The fat and thin jokes

Aristotle, said, ‘We laugh at inferior or ugly individuals, because we feel a joy at feeling superior to them.’ What does that say about Kapil who almost exclusively pokes fun at people who are too fat or too thin. Nothing against such jokes, except they are not funny.

They are not on the level of Joan Rivers’ digs on Adele (‘Congratulations to Adele on the birth of her 68-pound, 8-ounce bouncing baby boy’). Kapil’s fat/thin jokes seemed random at first. Now one sees them in every episode. People who-fit-the-bill are chosen and randomly placed as part of the live audience.

How many times can one laugh at the same jokes? Groan.

The pretty girls

There is always some PYT in the audience. One in every episode.

Kapil will choose her (randomly) to ask the celebrity guest a question and then compliment her and even flirt with her. Yawn!

Dancing with the stars

There is always someone in the audience who tells the celebrity guest, “Mujhe aap ke saath dance karna hai.” Then he/she is called on the stage and a song from the film the actor is promoting is played and a few minutes of bad dancing follows.

They will be poked at, by the host. The ONLY time this was funny was when SRK, complimented one ‘aunty’ and asked her to teach him the steps. The other time was when Priyanka Chopra aped the weird dance steps of one member of the audience. And that is credit to both these actors. Kapil cannot rely on his guests to provide the laughs... The show is Comedy Nights With Kapil. Yo?

Let’s act

There is a segment where Kapil gives a situation to the actor and ask him/her to act it out. This is usually a hit or a miss...not highly imaginative. Can be better. Honestly, Kapil seems less rehearsed as the host of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. But even there Manish Paul appeals more with his spontaneity and madness.

TheTurbanator: Siddhu paaji

Don’t understand what purpose does he serve on the show.

There is already canned laughter. Is he really needed to drown out that sound with his cackling! His shayaris are stale. As are his jokes. And his turbans just too neon-ey. Thokko taali? No, thanks.

Sarita A Tanwar /DNA

Pic courtesy: @KapilSharmaK9

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