Cowell, Walsh mock Cole during `X Factor` auditions

Updated: Jun 25, 2010, 15:03 PM IST

London: Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole was mocked by her fellow X Factor judges during the show`s auditions.

Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh paired up against the English singer, slating her band and her solo performances.

The quarrel took off when a raunchy girl group, called Madame Butterfly, came to perform on stage at London`s Excel centre.

Simon told the group that they must not be inspired from British bands like Girls Aloud.

"I bet you only like American groups, like Destiny`s Child," Simon asked the girls about who they were influenced by.

While Cheryl stayed quiet, one of the singers eventually said that they liked Girls Aloud too.

Louis too didn’t miss a chance to pull the leg of 26-year-old Cheryl, when a Romanian male model performed her single Fight For This Love from her solo album 3 Words, reports The Sun.

Cheryl laughed saying that the Romanian had made a ``great song choice`` on which Louis annoyed Cheryl by saying, "That was about as good as you can do it live."

"Their nasty comments really hit a nerve with her," an insider said.

"She`s never been fully confident about her singing ability, especially since launching her solo career and not having the other girls on stage," he said.

"To be humiliated in front of thousands of people by Simon and Louis was really a step too far," the insider further added.