Gillian Anderson never cared about her look on `X Files`

London:`X Files` star Gillian Anderson has revealed she is embarrassed when she looks back at some of her dresses she wore on the show.

The 45-year-old actress said some of her sartorial choices were bad but she did not bother because she was too exhausted to make any changes, reportedly.

"The odd thing is that even when I was put in those horrible pastel Lycra suits, there wasn`t a single part of me that considered saying, `Woah, wait one second.`

Likewise with the hair, I was made to have red hair, styled in a particular way, but you`d have thought I might have done something with it off screen. Still, I didn`t bother because I was so exhausted," Anderson said.

She said she cannot believe she did not pay attention to the way she looked. "So for nine years I went to work and was somebody else, without devoting any time or attention to the way I looked.

Now, when I look back at images of myself in those horrible fashion decisions with my weight fluctuating all the time, I can`t believe it," the actress said.

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