JJ Abrams to adapt Stephen King`s John F Kennedy novel

Updated: Apr 28, 2013, 13:27 PM IST

Los Angeles: Director JJ Abrams` production house Bad Robot and Warner Bros TV are in talks to turn Stephen King`s bestselling 2011 novel `11/22/63` into either a TV series or miniseries.

The bestselling 2011 novel centres on Jake, an unassuming divorced English teacher who attempts to prevent the assassination of John F Kennedy which occurred on November 22, 1963.

Using a time portal, he travels back to five years before Kennedy`s murder and stalks the assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, reported Aceshowbiz.

Details of the potential new TV show are still scarce. The project was originally set up to become a movie with Jonathan Demme envisioned as the director.

`Under the Dome`, a TV adaptation of King`s other novel of the same title, will debut on June 24 on CBS.