Neeraj Kumar hails `Police Dial 100`, calls cops `great actors`

New Delhi: Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar is glad that a TV reality show like ‘Police Dial 100’, which will showcase real life investigations carried by the police teams, is being brought out. He feels it is an attempt to bring the common people closer to the police department.

Real life policemen investigating real cases - like that of a missing two-and-half-year-old boy or illegal land acquisition, et al. Cameras have captured the proceedings of a few cases without interfering in the investigations.

Appreciating the unique concept, Neeraj Kumar said: "When the show was brought to me, I liked the concept and I knew it will be done well."

The show, made in cooperation with Delhi Police, will go on air on June 22.

Congratulating the Delhi Police team for doing such a great job on camera, Neeraj Kumar called them "great actors".

"After watching the show, I believe we have great actors in our team," he quipped. "These people did a great job on camera, which is very difficult to do. I am sure we will come with great episodes in future."

At a launch event held here Thursday, three audio-visuals or samples of the episodes were shown to the press.

In reference to one of them, Neeraj Kumar was asked if the police force solved the case so soon because of the cameras, he said: "Camera or no camera, if we get clues and breakthroughs, we can get the cases solved even quicker."

"The show is (just) an attempt to bring the citizens closer to the police team and their investigations," he added.

The show starts with a focus on Delhi Police, and it will gradually move to other cities. The grapevine had it that some or the other actor would be roped in to host the show, but it has now been clarified that only a background narrative will support it.

"India as a country is changing in terms of the kind of shows that are shown on TV and this real reality show is a new concept brought on the small screen. The show is 100 percent real," said Thakur.

Dhar said he is proud "to pioneer something like this", and added: "I am very excited to be a part of the show. This is not a reality show, this is real television. We are going to be at the epicentre of all the investigations that are being carried out."