Pooja Bedi is desperate to stay in the house: Shakti

Last Updated: Nov 03, 2011, 20:14 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Recently evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’ actor Shakti Kapoor got candid with a daily and said that he was gentleman throughout his stint in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

When he had entered the house, all eyes were on him as he was the only male inmate amongst a bevy of beauties. Due to his bad reputation since the sting operation which involved him in a casting couch controversy, people had expected him to behave in a certain way amongst so many women. But he steered clear of skirmishes while he was inside the house and said he is more at peace with himself after being evicted.

Shakti feels he has "learnt tremendous amount of patience!". When asked why was did he not defend himself while in the house when he was called coward he said, “I am not a chicken! Yes, I refused to scream or fight like fisherwomen because I am a gentleman! But, finally it was heartening to see that women there saw their father or brother in me, and many of them wept when I was evicted! That was more than enough!"

The actor feels that his calm and composed nature went against him in the show. "Things in the celebrity house are getting dirtier and nastier by the day! Those, who do a lot of badtameezi without any rhyme or reason, have become heroes," said the actor.

Was he disappointed when old friend Pooja Bedi called him ‘spineless’? "There are no friends in Bigg Boss` house! And Pooja must have called me names because she was desperate to stay in the show and wanted to create a bigger controversy!"

About starlet Shraddha Sharma he said, “Woh meri cost pe footage kha rahi thi. But, I will still pray that her dreams in life come true!"

Now that he is out of the house he is in a better place, claims the actor. "I used to walk to release my tension, and one night I walked 34 kms. So, you can imagine my plight! But, I was thrilled when my daughter woke up in the wee hours to welcome me at home and said `I want you as my dad in all the janams!` My wife Shivangi told me that she loves me more than ever now! So, I am really blessed and feeling rejuvenated," said Shakti.