Rs. 2 crore is too less an amount to strip: Poonam

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Wannabe actress Poonam Pandey, who had vowed she would strip and parade nude to celebrate India’s world cup victory, is now making headlines again.

The struggling model had conveniently become the talk of the town overnight post her ‘stripping vow’ and has now made another scandalising statement.

Reportedly, Poonam was offered a staggering sum of Rs. 2 crore for a reality show. But the girl who is desperate to strip at her will has denied this news.

Expressing her take on the amount that has been allegedly offered to her, Poonam, while talking to a tabloid said, “I have no idea who has circulated this news. In fact, I found out about the offer when I read it on a website. It said that I had been offered a huge amount to strip on the show.”

Moreover, the model finds Rs 2 crore too less an amount to strip on television.

She said, “But tell me, isn`t Rs 2 crore too less an amount to strip on national television? I have been offered close to 30-odd reality shows, but I don`t want to be known as a `Reality Queen`. My aim is to prove my mettle in Bollywood.”

The attention seeking lass has her eyes fixed on Bollywood at the moment.

“I can shoot as many bold scenes, or action sequences as the script demands. I am a director`s actor,” said Poonam.

And believe it or not, the girl has claimed that she has bought a plush Mercedes for her father.

Poonam said, “It`s a surprise for him. He always wanted to own a Merc and I am just fulfilling his dream.”

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