Sarah Ferguson to front show on OWN

London: Former British Royal Sarah Ferguson is all set to front a new reality TV series on Oprah Winfrey`s new TV network OWN.

The British socialite has landed a six-part series called `Finding Sarah`, which will chronicle her efforts to rebuild her life following her divorce from Prince Andrew and subsequent setbacks, reported a news daily.

Ferguson will discuss her lifelong struggles with her weight and relationships on the series, which is scheduled to premiere in early 2011.

The 50-year-old recently confessed she was struggling financially and hit the headlines earlier this year when she
attempted to make money by selling an opportunity to meet her ex-husband Prince Andrew.

The businessman involved in the controversial set up was actually an undercover reporter working for a British newspaper.

In an interview with Winfrey earlier this year, Ferguson said that her financial situation was "under stress" but that was "no excuse" for her "very serious lapse in judgement."