Shah Rukh Khan`s ‘Chennai Express’ chugs its way into television

By Aparna Mudi | Updated: Oct 16, 2013, 16:48 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau

Mumbai: After the remarkable record breaking success of ‘Chennai Express’ at the Box Office, the movie is set to premiere on Zee TV on Sunday, 20th October. Anticipation is riding high now that the World Television Premiere the channel is going all out on social media to promote the show.

The channel has created the trending hash tag #BokwaasDictionary on Twitter and Facebook, as made popular by Deepika Padukone’s character Meenamma in the film. Twitter and Facebook users are being tapped to contribute their fun and quirky interpretations of words and phrases used in everyday lingo. Besides the dictionary, an app has also been introduced that invites users to register and ‘book’ their tickets to the movie premiere by entering their email id to win exciting prizes.

In addition to the online medium, Zee TV will also promote the premiere of the film through an on-ground activity which will see dancers in a float shaped as a train compartment moving through the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad and teaching passersby steps of the lungi dance.

“Shah Rukh flew into Mumbai in the wee hours of Friday morning and then spent the evening shooting promos,” said a source. “It is amazing to see his commitment and dedication to his work in making the television premiere as huge as its theatrical release. Shah Rukh has such an infectious energy that gets everyone around him moving no matter the hour or day.”

The promos are already airing on Zee TV. Rohit Shetty and Shah Rukh are even set to appear in a dance reality show for the television premiere. It looks like Shah Rukh is going all out about the promotion making sure that his movie makes its presence felt wherever it chugs along.

Seems like after the silver screen, the `Chennai Express` team is set to make and break records even on TV. Ready, Steady, Po!