To act is to be myself: Salman

Mumbai: After raking in crores with his latest hit `Dabangg`, the 44-year-old actor has replaced Amitabh Bachchan as the fearless host of `Bigg Boss`, promising it is the real Salman Khan his fans will get to see.

"The first and only lesson I have learned in acting is to be myself. Viewers will get 100 per cent unadulterated Salman Khan in Bigg Boss. I am hosting it in my own style - frank and uncut," Salman told reporters in an interview.

This is not his first stint on television, the actor has hosted a game show on the small screen before and thinks that the potential of the idiot box is tremendous.

"Television as a medium is evolving and so is the viewer; it is not the `small screen` any more," said Salman.

But that is not the only reason why he took up the job of hosting `Bigg Boss`, the actor`s family are ardent viewers and he consulted his mother before saying yes.

"Bigg Boss is one show that has intrigued me immensely as a viewer - its format, its contestants and the psychological battle within the house. Also, my family enjoys the show; they discuss it all the time. I asked mom before considering it and she instantly said yes," said Salman.

The Colors show, which is in its fourth season, is well-known for creating controversies, gossiping and plotting among the contestants in order to win. Salman says he is not going to put up with any wrong-doing in the show.

"I am a very straight-forward person and I will not take any hypocrisy and politics lightly. For those housemates who play clean, they will always find their best friend in me. Those who don`t, be ready to expect the worst," he said.

Having said that, Salman also thinks that this show brings out the real self of a person and and he endorses the idea of seeking fame via a reality show like this.

"Contestants in Bigg Boss are celebrities or known personalities before entering the show. One`s real personality comes out in the show. Everybody opens up eventually and you cannot fake beyond a point. And if they are liked by viewers and gain popularity then there`s nothing wrong in that," said the actor.

With `Dabangg` becoming a major hit, Salman`s fans are referring to him as Chulbul Pandey, the name of his moustached avatar in the film. The actor thinks its the unpredictability and heroism of the role that has made him so popular.

"Chulbul Pandey was a very different role compared to any of the characters I have played previously. Chulbul was totally unpredictable - went from action to comedy to romance and back to action. The film as well as the heroism shown has been accepted well by fans everywhere," said Salman.