Tom Hardy to star in Steven Knight`s drama `Taboo`

London,: Actor Tom Hardy has signed up for a new drama titled `Taboo`

The eight-episode 19th century drama will see Hardy reunite with Locke`s Steven Knight, while Ridley Scott will executive produce, reported a daily.

`Taboo` will be set in 1813, and is centred around an adventurer who returns to England from Africa along with 14 stolen diamonds, while seeking revenge over the death of his father.

"We`re creating a flagship British drama for this generation," said Hardy, adding that the show is a "hybrid of orthodox and unconventional storytelling, packed with darkness and spirited characters".

`Taboo` will be the third project partnering Hardy and Knight, who have previously worked on the movie `Locke` and the upcoming second series of `Peaky Blinders`.

The series is expected to begin shooting in the UK in January 2015.