Watch classic TV show `Nukkad` now on DVD

New Delhi: `Nukkad`, one of the cult shows of the small screen, which narrated touching stories of a common man`s life, can be revisited through a 13-DVD pack, encapsulating 100 episodes of the serial that was telecast on Dootrdarshan in the 1980s.

The release of the DVD by Shemaroo Entertainment, follows the successful DVDs of shows like `Zabaan Sambhalke` and `Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi`.

The show dealt with the struggles of common people who live around a street, trying to make a living in a harsh social and economic atmosphere.

In the show, the characters, essayed by actors like Dilip Dhawan (who died in 2000), Avtar Gill and Pavan Malhotra, would meet at the local street corner - `nukkad`, every evening and share their life stories with each other.

With a touch of humour, the show portrayed the realities of a common man.

The 13-DVDs box set of `Nukkad` is priced at Rs.1,299.