Zee TV finds Bharti Singh’s twin sister on Cinestars Ki Khoj!

Mumbai: Just look at the picture – don’t they look like twins? Hailing from Delhi, 24 year old Ruchika Rawat had no idea that she would end up being termed the ‘soul-sister’ of a comedian whose name is enough to make Indian audiences smile. Preparing her act backstage, Ruchika had no idea about what was in store for her. While she performed her act, the judges decided to surprise her by sending Bharti Singh, on the stage, to distract Ruchika and test her presence of mind … and the heavyweight comedienne ended up having a lot of fun with Ruchika.

While in most cases, the contestants ended up getting distracted with a new character joining them on stage, Ruchika seemed to take it all in good stride. Continuing her act with Bharti, the two decided to leave the judges and audience in splits with their impromptu act. A livewire, Ruchika being the youngest in her family, has dreams to make it big in the film industry someday. Talking about her journey so far, Ruchika said, “The only people who I cannot tolerate are people who crack bad jokes. I am a complete Bollywood buff and I am glad that I finally had the chance to present myself on National Television.”

Cracking PJs all evening, Ayushmann Khurrana, who was a special guest and a ‘Bollywood Buddy’ to the contestants in this audition episode, was glad to finally have someone laugh at his PJs. Enjoying her and Bharti’s act, Ayushmann couldn’t stop laughing. Rolling with laughter, he ended up joining the duo and began cracking jokes, only to have judges Sonali Bendre and director Victor pull him back to the judges’ desk before the trio gets carried away.

While the judges and Ruchika had a lot of fun, only time will tell whether Ruchika will turn out to be as successful as Ayushmann – who was once a Cine Stars Ki Khoj aspirant himself!

Stay tuned to Cera India’s Best Cinestars Ki Khoj powered by Glam Up starts on 5th July, every Saturday and Sunday at 9 PM, only on Zee TV!

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