Best five scenes from Sonam Kapoor's latest milestone 'Neerja'!

Best five scenes from Sonam Kapoor's latest milestone 'Neerja'!
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There are times when a movie trailer promises us guaranteed entertainment. While some of them fail utterly to keep their promises, there are some, that turn out to be real treasures at the Box Office.

So far, the year 2016 has been a good one when it comes to Bollywood. Some of the movies really gleaned good responses. This week Ram Madhvani's 'Neerja' hit the theatres and garnered praises from all segments of the entertainment fraternity.

While those who watched the movie are still in the hangover of the movie, we recollect some of the best moments from the film.

Check them here:

When Lado's father gives her a lesson on being courageous:

There's a scene in the first half, where we see a docile Sonam Kapoor as the newly married Neerja Bhanot, who is dealing with her abusive husband. In one of the scenes, Neerja's father tells her daughter over the phone and gives her a lesson or two about being courageous. The father asks Neerja, “Bahadur baccha kon?” and we get a reply to that in the second half.

When Neerja gets frisked by the terrorist on plane:

You will certainly praise Sonam Kapoor for putting up a brave face and dealing with the unwarranted frisking by one of the terrorists on the plane. This scene is somewhat troubling to the eyes and also equally reassuring of what Neerja in real must have gone through in the face of those gruesome terrorists while trying to save her passengers.

When Neerja resolutely demands the terrorists to let her do her “job”

Even amidst the horrifying situation, Neerja recalls her father's encouraging words about being brave and Sonam stands up and calls the rest of the crew to help her serve food to the passengers. “I am only doing my job,” says a brave Neerja to one of the terrorists who tries to stop her.

When she reads the letter given by Jaideep

Knowing your end stands on your face could either break you or make you. But here's a scene which shows how Neerja succumbed emotionally to her ultimate fate and yet smiled at the letter given by her love interest. She goes weak for a while, only to rise strong again.

When Neerja's mother recalls her daughter's passing a year after

Shabana Azmi as Neerja's mother gives a really touching speech at the end. The way she recalls her Lado will make your eyes tear up – only for good. Wait if you haven't teared up already, there's a message that Rajesh Khanna fan Neerja has for her mother, now it will totally push you to sobs.