Top 10 films that have highlighted drug abuse - Check out

Check out these movies on drugs!

Top 10 films that have highlighted drug abuse - Check out

Movies are rightly called the mirror of a society. And with great movies come great messages. Although it is considered to be a great source of entertainment, movies can at times be hard-hitting, shocking, and under the belt - films, for instance, which tackle the drug problem. And it could be disturbing. But isn't that the point of such a movie? To show how awful it can be to be mired in this dangerous abyss?

One of the movies which we have been eagerly waiting for this season is Abhishek Chaubey's 'Udta Punjab'. And while the Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt's movie reels under the on-going debate on certification, here's taking a look at some of the most interesting films revolving around the topic which hit us hard with its reality-check and great stories.

Take a look:


Immersed in drug use, peer pressure and teenage friendship – this Danny Boyle movie will impress you much for showing the issue of drugs among teenagers genuinely.

Requiem for a Dream

One of the best in the genre, if you want to come close to the reality of drug abuse, watch this one! Shocking and disturbing at the same time, this shows you how brutal the addiction can become!

City of God:

This film has a good amount of drug dealing around Rio de Janeiro. Watch it for brilliant performances and theme. The movie was nominated for 4 Oscars.

Pulp Fiction:

This Quentin Tarantino film will impress you with its story and performances. This film is a perfect mishmash of all ingredients to produce a superhit.


The movie not only deals with drugs but it also shows the underbelly of the world of fashion and how it is deeply influenced by substance abuse. The movie is buoyed further by its brilliant acting by the lead cast.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Yes, this one even has a name attached to it! A brilliant performance by Johny Depp will make you hooked to it. The film is much praised for its film style and direction.


The Wolf of Wall Street

This one is based on a true story – of Jordan Belfort. The story of a stock-broker who gets involved in a lot of shady things – one of it being drugs.

Dev D

A modern day take on 'Devdas' – this movie showcases a modern version of Dev who gives in to alcohol and drugs.


Another one showing the problem of drug – this Bejoy Nambiar movie tells the story of a group of friends and rampant drug abuse.


Al Pacino is the lead actor in this superhit. Set in Miami, this movie showcases the dangerous combination of greed and drugs. Just too much of it.