`Ashmaan` first global acoustics album

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2013, 17:59 PM IST

Kolkata:Blazing a new trail in contemporary Bengali music, which is more global than regional in soundscape, a city-based band launched the first electronic acoustic album `Ashmaan` in Bengali.

Dubbing this as a whole new wave or tradition in contemporary Bengali song, lyricist-composer Joy Sarkar said, "I haven`t heard any such songs in past."

"It is all very very new, original and of present times," Joy said about the vocals by Anushree Gupta, accompanied by acoustics of Sukanti Roy.

Popular singer Lopamudra Mitra, credited with introducing a new genre of impassioned, realistic yet lyrical songs including the epochal Benimadhab, said, "I believe the international feel of these songs is the fallout of the team being well-versed with different strands of world music."

"Of the eight songs in the album, by Cozmic Harmony, we have dwelt on the highs and lows of life. There are tracks like `Sada Faka Pata` (white blank sheet of life), `Tumi` (you), Ekakitwer Bhoye Kauke Akre Dhara (Clinging to someone for fear of lonliness)," the young singer said.

"There is also uniqueness in our acoustic instrumentation. The lyrics are written by me and and my band member and acoustics livewire Sukanti Roy program the music on laptop," she said.

The songs, endowed with the urban imageries and retaining orchestra references, are termed as Chhobigaan by the singer.