Amit Trivedi is back with creative music in `Aisha`

Mumbai: Following the critical acclaim received for his score in `Dev D`, music composer Amit Trivedi is back with `Aisha`.

In the Sonam Kapoor-Abhay Deol starrer, Trivedi mixes
western sounds and instruments with Indian ones to create a
youthful score, said the film`s producer Rhea Kapoor.

"For Aisha, getting inspired to create the album was
made sublimely easy by Amit Trivedi. Nowadays, reality
inspires us more than any fantasy, Amit effortlessly
translates this to music. Our generation has an identity of
its own and we wanted the music to reflect that. Amit is the
perfect guy for the job," said Rhea.

When asked to say a few words on the occasion of the
launch of the soundtrack, Amit Trivedi was modest and

"I`d rather have the music do all the talking rather
than say too much about it. I am still new to the industry,
and to get so much acceptance from the industry and from music
fans only inspires me to do better and better with each
project I handle," Amit said.

Shridhar Subramaniam, Managing Director, Sony Music
India, said, "Aisha is a very young and fresh movie and we are
sure it will have a deep connect with today`s youth."

Commenting on Amit Trivedi and Aisha`s soundtrack, he
said, "We, at Sony Music, have always supported innovative and
exciting new talent. We believed in Amit`s talent very early
and before anyone else ? and acquired his first Bollywood
project (Aamir) and even gave him his first major Indipop
break (Junoon / Abhijeet Sawant). The first reactions to the
music of Aisha from the trade have been phenomenal, and we
believe the music of Aisha will be a trend-setter."

PVR Pictures (co-producers and worldwide distributors
of Aisha) president, Kamal Gianchandani added, "Amit`s past
work has been intense and relevant, he has set a very high
bar. Collaborating with him is in keeping with the spirit and
immediacy of our film."