Asha, Sudesh record retro style song for Makrand`s film

New Delhi: Singers Asha Bhosle and Sudesh Bhosle gave voice to a song titled ‘Hum neend ka business karte hain’ for forthcoming movie ‘Sona Spa’. They have sung it in a retro style.

Written and directed by Makrand Deshpande, ‘Sona Spa’, based on a Hindi play, focuses on lack of sleep due to various reasons that altogether cause unhealthy and tiring life.

Composed by Shamir Tandon, it is a promotional song for the movie.

"Shamir came to my house and he wanted me to sing the song in such a manner, like they used to sing during the 1940s and 1950s era. It really excited me and I am really happy to be part of the song," Asha said in a statement.

While recording, both the singers sang ‘Hum neend ka business karte hain’ in a joyful tone.

"Since I like changing voice while singing, I was told to sing the song which had the feel of 1940s and 1950s - it was quite exciting," said Sudesh.

"It was a double delightful situation for me when I was told that I will be singing the duet with Ashaji," he added.

Produced by Miraj Entertainment, ‘Sona Spa’ will release March 22.