Bob Dylan`s unreleased anti-war song`s original lyric sheet expected to fetch 35k pounds at auction

London: Bob Dylan`s never-before-released song`s lyrics are set to go to under hammer in London next month, after they were discovered in a drawer in Sweden.

The lyrics are expected to fetch between 25,000 - 35,000 pounds when they are brought under hammer at Christie`s on June 26, the Independent reported.

The now 71-year-old musician wrote the lyrics for ` Go Away You Bomb` in 1963 for Israel `Izzy` Young who ran the Greenwich Village Folklore Centre, in New York.

The song was at the height of Dylan`s protest period, when he was working on his seminal The Freewheelin` Bob Dylan album.

Young told Rolling Stone magazine that he asked everyone he knew to write a song about the nuclear bomb and Dylan came in literally the next day and handed the lyrics to him.

Young, who is now 85, moved to Stockholm in the early 70s and the lyrics lay in a drawer, forgotten for almost 50 years until he re-discovered them few years ago.

But due to financial circumstances, he was reluctantly forced to sell them.

The song is written on a typewriter and is corrected by hand, the lyrics see Dylan in a typically acerbic and firebrand mood, "I hate you cause you make my life seem like nothin` at all/I hate you cause yer name`s lost it`s (sic) meanin an` you can fool anybody now."

Young is also auctioning a rare program for the Carnegie Chapter Hall concert - estimated to sell for 1,000 - 1,500 pounds.