Christina Aguilera duets with Cee Lo Green again

Los Angeles: American rapper Cee Lo Green has confirmed he is recording another duet with his fellow `The Voice` coach Christina Aguilera.

Green, who previously collaborated on `Nasty` with Aguilera, which surfaced last year, refused to give away much about the song, reported Billboard online.

"It`s a song for her album. I won`t disclose the title, because it could possibly be a working title. You know, but we`ve talked about it amongst ourselves and I`m gonna go in on it and work it out. It`ll be the second song we`ve done," he said.

Aguilera recently revealed she plans to release her album - the follow-up to 2010`s `Bionic` - later this year after admitting her commitment to `The Voice` meant it had taken longer than expected.

"I started the album whenever I started this show, and then `The Voice` kind of took off into this big thing. So, the show used to be a side project and kind of turned into a bigger time-fulfilling, dedicated project for me. The album is just filled with fun and excitement, and it`s gonna come out later this year," Aguilera said.