Cole says Girls Aloud will reunite

London: Singer Cheryl Cole confirms that the Girls Aloud group is set to come back together, as they have signed a deal.

The ‘Promise This’ singer has enjoyed huge solo success since the group - which also consists of Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberly Walsh - took a break last September. She is adamant they will reunite as they have signed a deal.

"We have a three album deal with the record label - we signed it before we took a break. I actually think this break is really important for us as people. Forget artists and whatever we`re doing as that, just for us as women. We`ve been together since I was 19," quoted her as saying.

"We`re all young women now and we were living and breathing each other. It was intense and it`s been nice to learn about yourself as I felt we`d just morphed into one person. We needed this space to grow."

"Nadine`s releasing her first album so she needs that time. So we kind of all just need a bit more time," she said.