Eminem plays gun-toting, schizophrenic in new music video

London: Known for portraying split personalities in his music videos, controversial rapper Eminem is shown murdering his love-cheat girlfriend and then shooting himself.

The shocking music video is full of violent lyrics and scenes.

The singer plays two versions of himself in ‘Space Bound’, from his smash hit ‘Recovery’ album, one who discovers his girlfriend has been cheating on him and another seemingly reflecting on the situation.

The former comes to a violent end, with the rapper seeming to hallucinate, strangling his lover to death after he checks her mobile messages, proving her infidelity.

Porn star Sasha Grey plays the girlfriend in the video and is called a ‘blood sucking succubus’ in the song, reports the Daily Mail.

When the singer realises it was just his imagination, he pulls out a gun and kills himself.

The video ends ambiguously with the sequence totally rewinding.


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