Katy Perry uses autocue to remember lyrics on stage

Washington: Katy Perry has admitted that she relies on an autocue to help her remember lyrics live since she often goes blank or daydreams onstage.

The ‘I Kissed A Girl’ hitmaker also admitted that after she came to know that her pop star pals use the device, she also feels that she can’t manage her shows without it.

“I do (forget) tiny, tiny (song sections), or I change a word. I do use it, now that I have it. I never had it before and I never had a problem but now it’s more psychological, I think. I’m singing 15 songs in a night,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Perez Hilton.

The 27-year-old singer demanded a teleprompter for her recently-wrapped California Dreams Tour.

“If I’ve had a really long day, it’s such a security blanket. For instance, if I’ve overworked myself or underslept, sometimes I just blank.

“Or if I’ve got something big the next day like an awards show or TV (appearance), I’m thinking about that typically when I’m onstage, so this is really helpful. I’ve had a lot of friends say they’ve had it, so I was like, ‘Well since we’re doing arenas this time, we’re gonna have one of those!’” she added.


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