Kelis does dance music, and well

London: It`s a little easy to get lost in the music on Kelis` latest album, ‘Fleshtone’ — her husky vocals swept into an array of intoxicating beats. The hypnotic effect is enough for listeners to overlook her lyrics, but that`s OK. ‘Fleshtone’ is all about feeling, and a track like ‘22nd Century’ features the sort of driving beat that makes it perfect dance club fare.

This is not the big-haired woman who stormed on the music scene in 1998 screaming "I hate you so much right now!" And all traces of 2003`s hip-hop flavoured pop hit ‘Milkshake’ have dissipated.

Now 30 years old, Kelis` music is decidedly different, and her new album is fully committed to the new style.

"You`re running in place for such a long time, stuck in a race in the wrong line, when it all came down on me," Kelis sings on ‘Scream.’ The track`s meandering piano eventually speeds into a boiling mix of pulses. Kelis urges listeners to find the truth within on "Emancipate," and delivers a message of unconditional love to her son, Knight, whose father is rapper Nas, on the sunny ‘Song for the Baby.’

Her first single, ‘Acapella,’ is perhaps the album`s weakest. The beat is a bit burdensome — a misleading sales pitch for a disc that is as electric as the dance crowd it caters to.

Check this track out: Kelis sings about a love that can`t be matched on the colourful and, ahem, explosive ‘4th of July (Fireworks).’

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