Men behind women`s success: Lily Allen

London: Singer Lily Allen feels behind every successful woman in the music industry, there is a man.

The 28-year-old singer, who recently made her pop comeback after four years, insists that women behind popular male artists never get recognised, but those who produced female artists always become known, reportedly.

"Whether it `s Beyonce it`s Jay Z, if it`s Adele it`s Paul Hepworth, with me it was Mark Ronson, same with Amy Winehouse.

It`s sort of like you never get that with men. You can`t think of the man behind the man because it`s never a conversation which is bought up. If you`re Ed Sheeran nobody talks about who produced his music," Allen said.

Although Allen has strong female views, her new album `Sheezus` is apparently intended as a tribute to Kanye West which she insists that despite being a parody of his record `Yeezus`, it is nothing more than a sign of `respect`.