Mick Jagger asked Maroon 5 to edit ‘Moves Like Jagger’ video

Washington: Rolling Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger has revealed that he demanded Maroon 5 to edit their original music video ‘Moves Like Jagger’ because it had too many shots of him in it.

The electro-pop tribute, for which Adam Levine’s band had teamed up with Christina Aguilera to produce, topped the U.S. pop charts in August, but Jagger, 68, wasn’t very impressed with the first version of the music video.

“It’s kind of odd. Moves Like Jagger is seriously catchy. I can sing it for you if you want, but I’ll spare you that. I knew all about it, it wasn’t like a surprise to me,” Contactmusic quoted Jagger as telling Britain’s the Times.

“I know the band, I know Christina, I know the video director, and they kept sending me the video cuts with me in it.

“There was far too much of me in the first one, I was going, ‘What about the rest of the band!’ So I cut out a bit,” he added.


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