Snoop Dog dedicates song to William

London: Rapper Snoop Dog has come up with a new song, which he says is dedicated to Prince William.

The world known rapper promoted song titled ‘Wet’ via his Twitter page, alerting all and sundry to the track, which he says was composed specially for the royal``s forthcoming bachelor party.

“Made tha anthem 4 Prince Williams bachelor party n all bachelor parties round tha wrld [sic],” the Sun quoted Dog as he tweeted Clarence House.

However, strangely the track doesn``t even refer to the prince who is to wed Kate Middleton upcoming April.

The song features the verse, “I`m in between your lips/like a cigarette/she wants to quit/but she wants to make it...wet.”

The rest of the auto tune-dominated song is much the same giving it more X-rated feel rather than dedication to royalty.