Susan Boyle blames money and fame for family rifts

PTI| Updated: Jan 06, 2014, 07:18 AM IST

London: Scottish singer Susan Boyle reportedly feels that it is her money and fame which is responsible for the ongoing rifts within her family.

Her brother Gerry told how the 52-year-old `Britain`s Got Talent` singer poured her heart out to him at the table, saying, "I`m the bad one, it`s all my fault," reported Daily Mirror.

"Obviously, it is not her fault, and the saddest part is Susan has only ever tried to keep all of us happy," Gerry, 59, said.

Boyle`s once close-knit family has apparently split into two factions in bitter disputes centred on her fame and money.

"All I ever wanted was for the family to be close. What can I do to put it right? It`s all my fault. Tell me, what can I do?" Gerry said.

Gerry decided to speak out after it was claimed he blackmailed Susan to the tune of USD 68000.

He was accused of threatening to commit suicide if she did not give him the money he needed to save his company Instant World from cash flow problems.