Tax protest balloon blemishes U2’s Glastonbury debut

London: Irish rock band U2’s Glastonbury debut was briefly interrupted by a protest group’s demonstration with a balloon emblazoned with the words ‘U Pay Your Tax 2’.

The band members ignored the inflated 20ft balloon that had been put up by protest group Art Uncut, and only minor scuffles broke out as security men removed the balloon.

The band, which interrupted its tour of the US to fly in for the performance, was accused by Art Uncut of dodging tax in Ireland.

“It was all a bit shocking. I love U2 but I think everyone should pay their taxes,” the BBC quoted Gary Noble, 45, from Eastbourne, as saying.

But the band’s manager Paul McGuinness has said the band is “fully compliant” with Irish tax rules and that U2 “is a global business and it pays taxes globally”.


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