Taylor Swift to release Ed Sheeran`s duet

Updated: May 02, 2013, 10:13 AM IST

London: Singer Taylor Swift is reportedly planning to release Ed Sheeran`s duet, `Everything Has Changed`, as her next single.

The 23-year-old `You Belong with Me` hitmaker has co-written the single with Sheeran, reported Contactmusic.

The announcement comes after Taylor and Sheeran have been performing the same song during her `Red` tour over the last two months.

The pair have been touring US since March, 2013. They are all set to resume their gigs from Detroit on May 4 after a short break.

Sheeran recently admitted that the duo were likely to record more tracks together in the future because they have developed a special bond over their love of songwriting and acoustic guitar.

"We`re male and female, but we do exactly the same thing like we`re both the same age, we both write songs with guitars we both tour playing acoustic music and that`s kind of it.

"We`ve got a similar sense of humour. I guess we just have a lot in common," Sheeran said.

The duo had earlier denied runours of dating each-other.