Will.I.Am brings record label to UK

London: Rapper Will.I.Am has moved his record label from the US to the UK because he likes the fresh vibe of British music.

The Black Eyed Peas star, a California native, has been based in London while serving as a mentor on `The Voice` and was inspired to bring his company over to British shores due to the country`s thriving pop scene, reported Daily Star.

"My label is now based in the UK. I had a label over in America, (Black Eyed Peas bandmate) Fergie signed to my label and LMFAO and Macy Gray and Black Eyed Peas and I thought, you know what, I want to base my label out in the UK, because I like this place, it`s fresh.

"Why was I making music in America when it succeeds first in the UK? That`s dumb. I`ve got a global perspective, thinking global and acting local," he said.

The `Boom Boom Pow` hitmaker also has Cheryl Cole signed to his roster at The will.I.Am Music Group.