Wyclef expresses political disappointment

London: After his failed bid to run for president of Haiti, rapper Wyclef Jean has expressed his disappointment in a series of songs.

The hip-hop star was barred from the political race in his homeland because he does not maintain property there and he has now condensed his displeasure into a new album titled ‘If I Were President: My Haitian Experience’.

The rapper hopes his new political anthem ‘Election Time’, will inspire citizens to vote in the upcoming elections, a website reports.

"It means the rebirth of my country. It means that the young people can bring about change. I would want to tell the youth of Haiti to go out and vote. We have had a long history of dictatorship in Haiti. It`s not a Haitian right to vote that we are talking about. We are talking about a world right. Take your right. Your true weapon is your voting card. Use your weapon and use it wisely," he said.