`Singham` girl posed topless for Filmfare too!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: `Singham` beauty Kajal Agarwal, who recently grabbed eyeballs by allegedly posing topless for the cover of ‘FHM’ magazine is in news again for another eyebrow raising photo shoot!

The topless picture of hers’ for ‘FHM’ resembles Hollywood troubled star Lindsay Lohan’s photo shoot where in the blonde had covered her modesty with her arms crossed over her shoulder.

However, Kajal had categorically denied posing topless ever in her life and had even accused the magazine for allegedly morphing her picture.

And now, in what looks like a non-doctored image of Kajal in ‘Filmfare’s’ September issue, the actress is revealing her back leaving little to imagination where she is clutching onto a netted fabric to cover her bust line!

‘FHM’s’ official Facebook page posted Kajal’s ‘Filmfare’ photo to prove that they did not morph her picture on the cover of their magazine stating that Kajal’s claims against them were baseless.

"You were right this morphing thing really is getting out of hand. All you guys have to do is buy a copy of Filmfare`s September issue, flip a few pages and see for yourself. That`s what we did...”, wrote the magazine on Facebook.

Commenting on FHM’s post, a reader wrote, "What is happening to FHM?? Do you call that as a topless picture?? That is not topless. It is backless."

In retaliation, FHM posted, "Nope. But this was important to prove that the men who are talking about pictures being morphed have no clue what the hell they are talking about. There`s a couple like them in this conversation too. And NOW THIS MATTER IS OVER."

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