Actor Stephens Moyer accepts wife`s bisexuality

London: Actor Stephens Moyer wasn`t shocked when his wife Anna Paquin spoke about her bisexuality, as he says she was honest from the very beginning of their romance.

"I`ve never been in a relationship before in which literally within the first three days all the cards were laid out. It wasn`t something that was kept from me," a news website quoted Moyer as saying.

"I condone what she has done 100 percent, and it`s her business to talk about it, not mine. It doesn`t change anything. I`m proud of who she is."

"She doesn`t pull punches. I`ll take 74,000 words to express an emotion because I fear hurting someone`s feelings. Anna will do it in three words. But we trust each other so implicitly that there`s never anything hurtful. With Anna it`s just about pure trust, on camera and off. I have never trusted anybody like I trust Anna," he added.