Aguilera professes love with lipstick marks!

London: Singer Christina Aguilera makes a mess when professing her love to husband Jordan Bratman, as she leaves lipstick marks all over the bathroom.

The `Dirrty` hitmaker walked down the aisle with music executive Bratman in 2005 and the pair welcomed son Max Liron three years later.

But the singer ensures she leaves some romantic messages in lipstick on the mirror and the shower for her hubby to see how much she loves him, reports a news website.

"We have been married for five years now, and I think the secret is to treat and surprise each other," said Aguilera.

"I leave little lipstick marks on the bathroom mirrors or little notes written in lipstick on the mirror and in the shower. Little notes, little cards, little `I love you` here and there - just to keep things alive and fun," she said.