Aishwarya Rai did not appreciate people’s reaction to her first onscreen kiss!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Former Miss World and Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai might be a doting mother now, but the Bachchan bahu is still a very influential personality overseas.

In an interview to Sir David Frost in the interview for Al Jazeera English, Aishwarya spoke about her first onscreen lip lock that scandalised one and all in the country.

`I did it once prominently in the movie ‘Dhoom’ and it was so topical, and you’ll be surprised, I mean I actually got a couple of notices, legal notices, from some people in the country turning around and saying "You are iconic, you’re an example to our girls you have led your life in such an exemplary manner, they’re not comfortable with you doing this on screen so why did you?", quoted the actress as saying.

The actress sounded a little sarcastic when she was quizzed about people’s reaction to the kissing scene. She said, “And I was like wow, I’m just an actor, doing my job, and here I am being asked to offer an explanation for a couple of seconds in a two, three hour piece of cinema.”