Arnie spent two hours in a private room with Playboy bunny

New York: A new book on Arnold Schwarzenegger has claimed that he once spent two hours at a party at the Playboy mansion locked in a room with a pin-up.

Investigative journalist Ian Halperin claims in his book ‘The Governator’ that Playboy founder Hugh Hefner may have a tape of what happened between Arnie and the lady in question.

In the book, Halperin quotes an unnamed person who he describes as a female producer who met Schwarzenegger at a cigar bar in Santa Monica in 2006.

"I was shocked because he was married. Arnold was all over us trying to get us to go home with him,” the New York Post quoted the woman as saying in the book.

“He plied us with alcohol and kept making the moves on us all night . . . He came across as a big pervert," she said.

A few months later, she claims to have attended a party at the Playboy Mansion, also attended by Schwarzenegger, and she and other guests saw him go into a private room with a Playboy model for almost two hours.

Halperin quotes the woman: "There`s a rumour that Hef has video, for security purposes, of everything that goes on in those rooms. I hope that tape comes out so his wife can see what kind of a pig he is."

Reps for Schwarzenegger and Hefner didn`t comment on the report.


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