Arnold scolded over leaked ‘hot legislator’ phone chat

London: Arnold Schwarzenegger and ‘True Lies’ co-star and friend Tom Arnold were scolded by the former’s wife after their phone chat involving a ‘hot legislator’ was made public.

Schwarzenegger had just become Governor of California when he and Arnold had attended a charity function, hosted by an unknown lady.

The next day, the two pals joked about how hot the legislator was, without realizing that all calls to a Governor are taped.
"He said, ``She’s (legislator) so freaking hot; she’s, like, half black and half Latino..,” a news daily quoted Arnold as saying.

"The L.A. Times (newspaper) played it (taped call) on the TV and it made us look like buffoons."

Although the legislator wasn’t steamed by the offensive chat, Shriver wasn’t too pleased.

"Maria is standing above us and she’s like, ``How old are you two?`` She said, ``Just don’t do it anymore... (and) if you’ve gotta do your stuff, use a cellphone. I know you guys have got to be 12 sometimes," he said.

Admitting that being reprimanded felt like a meeting with the school principal but he has an awful lot of respect for the former news anchor.

"She’s a very forgiving woman... I love her, I respect her... Do not cross her," he said.