Being sexy is not my priority, says Rihanna

London: Rihanna`s frequent raunchy stage acts have sparked rumours that she is trying to acquire a sex symbol image, but the singer denies it saying she is just a normal woman.

The 23-year-old caused a stir last month when her new single S&M was accompanied by a raunchy video featuring her in a skimpy dress tying a man to a bed. The film was banned in 11 countries, reports a website.

She was later seen performing a saucy dance at the Brit Awards in London.

"Every time I hear that it`s definitely flattering, but also uncomfortable. That`s not a priority on my list - being a sex symbol or being overly sexy. I`m just a normal woman. I don`t really focus on being a sex symbol," Rihanna told a magazine.