Emma Watson takes up saucy pole-dancing lessons

London: Emma Watson is learning how to dance like a stripper, while working on the set of her new film ‘The Bling Ring’. The 22-year-old actress signed up for the classes after one of her pals on set told her about the benefits of the sport (getting fit, that is, not earning a few quid on the side).

“Like on all film sets, there’s often so much time spent doing nothing. One of the other actresses on the set has been pole-dancing as a sport for a while and Emma decided to give it a go as well,” a leading daily has quoted a source as saying.

“She’s amazed with the results because it has toned up her body so well. She never thought she would enjoy it but she finds it quite liberating,” the source added.

It’s not the first time Watson has been among a crowd of pole-twirling ladies. The actress visited a gentlemen’s club after the New York premiere for ‘Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’ late last year.

She spent more than three hours dancing with pals but wasn’t brave enough to give the poles a go herself.