Imogen Thomas bares all for new photo shoot

London: Imogen Thomas, who has finally stopped mucking about with bikinis, posed completely naked in her naughtiest photoshoot yet.

The Welsh model, who is infamous for bedding footballer Ryan Giggs, is seen perching in a chair wearing nothing but the palms of her hands, as if she’s in the waiting room at the doctor’s in the new snaps.

It may be the 30-year-old’s first nude shoot, but she told Nuts magazine that it feels quite normal to be naked.

“I actually find being naked in a shoot quite weird purely because it almost becomes second nature to walk around without a stitch on. You kind of forget if you did this anywhere else, people would give you some funny looks! It’s weird because I’m usually really shy when it comes to stuff like this,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

In another picture, she covers her modesty with a bed sheet, which was conveniently lying around the set.

But despite posing starkers, she doesn’t want to be reminded of her affair - she wants 2012 to only be about the work that she landed off the back of it.

“I just want to get my life back and move on to do something that’s not related to last year’s events.

“I’ve had a few meetings and I’m definitely open to suggestions. I want to go on Dancing on Ice. I’d be up for the challenge of learning to dance from scratch!” she added.