Jennifer Aniston gets raunchy in `Horrible Bosses`

London: Jennifer Aniston will be seen playing a sexually aggressive doctor in her new film "Horrible Bosses".

According to her co-star Charlie Day, Jennifer`s character Dr. Julia Harris is a blackmailer who tries to get his character Dale Arbus to sleep with her.

"Jennifer Aniston is sexually aggressive towards me and demands I sleep with her or she`s going to blackmail me into making my fiancee think I`m sleeping with her," quoted Day as saying.

"She has an elaborate way of doing that. I don`t want the anxiety attack that I know I will have if I`m a scoundrel going into the wedding, so I avoid that," he added.

He also jokes the pair had little time to get to know each other and found themselves naked quickly into the shoot.

He said: "We were thrust into getting to know each other pretty quickly. We get naked in a dental office."

However, he also admits he knew nothing about the 41-year-old, a fact at which she was surprised.

"I didn`t even know she was married to Brad Pitt. She couldn`t believe that I didn`t know. But I had no idea, for real. And I frankly don`t care," he said.

"Horrible Bosses" - which also stars Colin Farrell and Kevin Spacey - is due for release in July 2011.