Meet the Playboy babe who broke Cheryl Cole`s new lover`s heart

Updated: Aug 29, 2010, 15:38 PM IST

London: The woman who once broke `X Factor` judge Cheryl Cole`s new beau Derek Hough``s heart has finally been revealed.

Sultry dancer Aneta Piotrowska, who``s in the next series of `Strictly`, is the only woman Derek has ever loved apart from Cole.

Corky Ballas, who looked after the US-born star for a decade, said: "Aneta is beautiful, sexy and stylish," reports News of the World.

"Derek was really in love with her. She``d stay over at the house, and they travelled the world together.

But Aneta, who has posed for Playboy, had a crush on an older dancer. She went off with the other guy, and Derek was heartbroken.

"For three months he just moped about the house."

Corky, now living in Houston, Texas, said: "Their relationship wasn`t in the same league as Derek and Cheryl`s.

"We haven`t fallen out - he`s just in love with Cheryl," she added.