Sherlyn Chopra’s dad would have been proud of her playboy act?

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Sherlyn Chopra has done what no Indian woman had done before- pose nude for the Playboy magazine!

The lady, who had scandalized many and wooed many others by going full monty for the magazine is back in India and is raring to get back to the US for the promotional events.

Sherlyn has been busy tweeting her heart out about how privileged she is to have got an opportunity for posing for the “prestigious” publication.

The excited model also tweeted that had her father been alive, he would have been proud of her.

She tweeted, “1000 wet kisses n 10,000 super tight hugs 2 the entire Playboy team!!!Wish my dad were alive,he`d hv been so proud of this!!(sic),” and added, “My dad was both a dad n a mom 2 me.As a doc,he knew better 2 take care of me at all times,even during my painful periods!!!(sic).”

And she doesn’t stop there. She wishes to break Pamela Anderson’s record of posing for the magazine the maximum number of times till date.

She wrote, “Entirely my pleasure!!!M sendin` out a msg to the Almighty Universe to help me outdo Pamela`s record of Playboy Covers!!(sic).”