Sir Paul McCartney maintains eye contact in chat with topless sunbather

London: Sir Paul McCartney maintained steady eye contact while chatting with topless sunbather, proving that he is a perfect gentleman. The ageing rocker and U.S. industrial heiress – who wed last October - were taking a short break in the tropical island of St Barts in the Caribbean.

His wife, Nancy Shevell, wore a long-sleeved white beach dress with straw trilby, while he sported colourful pair of swimming shorts, a brown T-shirt and matching baseball cap. As the sun seeker sprang to his feet at the sight of McCartney, he forgot about his topless female companion who tried in vain to cover her modesty.

The young woman wore tiny string bikini bottoms but attempted to keep some of her modesty intact by covering herself with her arms, a leading daily has reported. Adding to her embarrassment, the tall sunbather was then beckoned over, still topless, and tasked with taking photos of the star with her friends, while his 51-year-old wife looked on.

The 69-year-old remained the consummate gentleman in the awkward situation, maintaining eye contact throughout, as he engaged in polite conversation with the young brunette. The star posed for the photograph just days after he publicly bemoaned the attention he received from members of the public, especially those who used their mobile phones to take pictures of him.


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