Smoking hot celebs reveal their bikini bod secrets

London: While we struggle to get a sizzling bikini body, celebrities seem to do it without putting in too much effort.

Here are some of the secrets that stars follow to get that that slim, trim and hot looking body, the Sun reported.

For ex-Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell, 38, who is super toned and super fit, both mentally and physically, she maintains her figure with yoga and healthy eating.

Halliwell ditched crisps for rice crackers and chocolate for seeds, and she now takes yoga classes three times a week, which works the mind and body whilst toning up your muscles.

Actress Halle Berry, 44, has a body to die for, and she keeps it that way by doing a gruelling hour-long cardio workout five times a week with a personal trainer.

Berry works on the elliptical trainer (cross trainer) then does freeweights to keep her arms toned and kickboxing to give her a fab six-pack.

For actress Cameron Diaz, 38, she prefers to keep herself fit with outdoor sports like surfing, which works the stomach and thighs, plus hiking and snowboarding to firm up her legs and bum.

Diaz also keeps her body supple and her long legs lean doing yoga three times a week.

Model Naomi Campbell, 40, prefers skipping, which is the best way to get the heart pumping and firm up the muscles.

Along with it, she performs a complete detox three times a year by drinking a cocktail of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and water for up to 18 days.

And for lingerie model Danielle Bux, 30, Pilates and dog walking does the trick for her.

Pilates works the core muscles giving good posture and muscle definition.



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